Welcome! My name is Rien Schalkwijk and I'm happy to tell you about my music and myself. First Gatorworks? Why that name? More than a decade ago I was driving on a dirt track in the middle of the Everglades during a thunderstorm. The road was almost impassable and the water aws rising on the road. Suddenly I heard a loud bang at the back of the car. I got out to see what it was. It turned out to be a branch stuck in the wheel arch. While I was trying to remove it, I was attacked by a 9 foot alligator. By quickly jumping back and running around the car I was able to jump behind the wheel and close the door. It ended well, although the car was badly damaged. Afterwards, I had nightmares that didn't stop until I had a small gator in my hands and learned that they feel soft, are gentle by nature and only attack when hungry or threathend. It gave me a smile, I tend to be soft spoken until someone is trying to attack me. It learned me also that you can win from a gator by being smart. There are a lot of gators. Also on two legs. So I took the gator with me as a symbol. Hence my website, GatorWorks!

From my music room at home I make recordings with my hauptwerk organ and share it with the world via my growing YouTube Channel. I like all kinds of (pipe)organ music so my Channel is an ecletic collection of baroque, romantic and contemporary repertoire. But you also can find jazz and theatre organ music. And sometimes I publish music made with my piano or/an accordion.

If my music is to your liking, please consider to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Questions about my music, about me, looking for sheet music? Let me know on rien.schalkwijk@gmail.com. Or course you also can cont(r)act me for a performance, with music or in combinations with a (comic) performance about ethics, the social fabric of society, leadership and collaboration.

Here you can find my YouTube Channel: