About Rien

Rien Schalkwijk climbs a stair of stones and clouds durings his life. On the one hand he is fascinated by the social fabric of partnerships with all the associated moral and ethical implications. His professional life mainly takes place within the triangle of business ethics, leaderships and psychology. On. the other hand he's a storyteller, both with words and music. He loves to read thrillers and science fiction and is fond of Flemish Magical Realist literature of the early 20th century. Every day he plays on his organ or other instrument and share his development and music with the world on his YouTube Channel.

With my continously developing background in business administration, philosophy, psychology and music I like to move on the cutting edge and I like to walk on elephant trails. I'm a frank optimist who is fascinated by the development of the social fabric of partnerships with al the moral and ethical implicantions that come with it. Organizations that actively work on the ethical aspects from intern and extern partnerships not only create more financial value but also more friendly and beautifuil world and society.

My field of work includes leadership development, business ethics and the social aspects of working together. I'm fascinated and critical about HR-tools, Social Media, the quantified workplace/self, populist spirituality and beliefsystems in the workplace. From my laterale thinking structure, my strenghts lies in (re)discovering possabilities within an existing context. I experience great satisfaction in solving complex social issues. I have a pleasant and inspiring job in the Dutch national government.

In addition of my professional activities I'm an devoted and active amateur organist (however I also play piano and accordion) with my own YouTube Channel and growing community subscribers. I'm involved with other musicians over the whole world.